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Storyboarding 101

If you have been drawing characters, situations or studying film and constructing your ideas within a frame and would like to learn the grammar, technique and approach towards building  strong storytelling, this course is a perfect place to start.

With a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of progressing the story through a sequence made of a number of shots you will learn the art of guiding the eye across the screen progressively in this course.

Building and staging a sequence with or without dialogue and expanding or efficiently trimming shots with an editor’s sensibilities gives immense reliability and indispensability to this craft. You either become the director or his best aide be it animation or live action. In movies and gaming, pre viz has become an increasing necessity to be able to see the film progression before committing to or controlling the budget and this course is designed to give the student an edge in being able to visualise, create and iterate with strong storyboarding skills.

8 weeks

Lecture/ demonstrations and assignments via the virtual classroom and student dashboard makes the experience professional and easy to use.



/$600* USD

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Week 1

  • Introduction to story and camera

  • An approach 

  • Story

Week 2

  • Narrative style

  • Some conventions

  • Breakdown from examples

Week 3

  • The virtual camera

  • Lensing and field guides

  • Shot grammar

Week 4

  • Shot reconstruction 

  • Timing and readability

  • The edit

Week 5

  • The long middle

  • Mood, intensity control

  • Shot and camera styles

Week 6

  • Story 1 

  • Story 2

Week 7

  • Story 3

  • Story 4

  • Revisions

Week 8

  • Best practises and habit forming

  • Building a library of references

  • Making the reel.

Learning outcomes:

  • Strong understanding of animation principles

  • Ability to act out scenes and thumbnail action

  • Be able to design small animated scenes

  • Develop an eye to identify key frames from life studies

  • Plan effort and manage time to see the completion of ideas

  • Learn animation softwares 

  • Learn certain basics of hand drawn animation as well as 2d software 

  • Animated film appreciation

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