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Animation foundation 101

Classical or traditional animation relies on excellent draftsmanship while 3d animation  relies on the sensibilities of 2d and the nuances of realistic movement to render smooth timing. This course is designed to introduce the artist to animation in a very efficient manner irrespective of prior experience in the medium and give power to the independent animator.

If you have just started out in art or have been at it for a while and can’t wait to breathe life into a series of moving images this is a place for you to get started . 

If you already have started out in animation and want to gain solid control over timing and build strong personality and attitude into your characters , the exercises and drills this course presents will help shape that ability.

8 weeks

Lecture/ demonstrations and assignments via the virtual classroom and student dashboard makes the experience professional and easy to use.




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Week 1

  • Introduction to animation

  • Basic concepts and definitions 

  • Understanding movement

  • Story in poses

Week 2

  • Rhythm 

  • Spaces in rhythm

  • Lecture and study from examples

Week 3

  • Timing

  • Effort

  • Mechanics

Week 4

  • Joints and influence

  • Timing and spacing

  • The breakdown

Week 5

  • The animation principles

  • Intent and outcome

  • Flow

Week 6

  • Rhythm

  • Designing movement

  • Harmony and dissonance

Week 7

  • The camera 

  • Scene breakdown

  • Timing continuity

  • Building a sequence

Week 8

  • The way of the animator

  • Building a library of references.

  • Making a showreel.

Learning outcomes:

  • Strong understanding of animation principles

  • Ability to act out scenes and thumbnail action

  • Be able to design small animated scenes

  • Develop an eye to identify key frames from life studies

  • Plan effort and manage time to see the completion of ideas

  • Learn animation softwares 

  • Learn certain basics of hand drawn animation as well as 2d software 

  • Animated film appreciation

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