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Drawing foundation 101

This course is designed to develop solid drawing and analytical skills no matter what level you are at.

If you have just started out in art or been at it for a while and want to switch gears and move fast, 

the course will calibrate and help you reach your next possible height.

3D visualisation requires a solid knowledge of constructed perspective drawing and the design of the course helps to master and expand the complexity of the application.

Drawing organic forms in space will seem like a super ability soon !

Furthermore, the student will also benefit immensely through a detailed dive into the teachers professional and personal work spanning over two decades as a bonus in each class. 

8 weeks

Lecture/ demonstrations and assignments via the virtual classroom and student dashboard makes the experience professional and easy to use.




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Week 1

  • Introduction to basic materials 

  • Understanding the drawn line and line quality

  • Exercises 

Week 2

  • Drawing techniques of the past great masters

  • Drawing techniques of modern day masters

  • Line exercises 

Week 3

  • Introduction to perspective drawing and 3D thinking

  • One point perspective

  • Exercises

Week 4

  • Two point perspective 

  • Three point perspective 

Week 5

  • Drawing the human figure in perspective 

  • Analysing volumes

  • Drawing the human head 

Week 6

  • Drawing expression of face and hands

  • Drawing animals

  • The sketchbook 

Week 7

  • Representation techniques (advanced materials)

  • Introduction to digital drawing software (freewares)

Week 8

  • Drawing as a way of life - closing lecture.

  • Bonus exercises and portfolio guidance.

   Learning outcomes:

  • Advanced concepts of perspective drawing and its applications

  • The ability to draw just about anything in space accurately 

  • To be able to design believable worlds

  • Expand your visual library

  • Story driven visualization

  • Best practises and habit forming for a life in art and design

  • Time as a resource

  • To focus, channel and utilise creative energies optimally in order to achieve course objectives and get ready for a career in art.

  • Research process

  • Understand digital as well as traditional techniques of representing ideas

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